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 Sonic Heroes

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Брой мнения : 37
Age : 24
Registration date : 23.11.2007

ПисанеЗаглавие: Sonic Heroes   Съб Ное 24, 2007 10:10 am

Sonic Heroes

DownloadSonic Heroes - PC.torrent

## Производител : SEGA

## Сайт на производителя :

## Изисквания : System Requirements

Your computer must meet the following system requirements to run this game.

The game may not run, or you may experience decreased performance on computers

that do not fulfill these requirements.

Minimum System:

OS: Windows 98SE/Me/2000(SP2 or later)/XP

CPU: PentiumIII 1.0GHz equivalent or greater

RAM: 128MB or greater

Hard Disk Space: 160MB or greater (300MB required for Installation)

Video Card: Direct3D compatible video card (Video RAM 32MB or greater)

with newest graphics driver

Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card

Miscellaneous: DirectX9.0b or later

Controls: Keyboard, Mouse

Recommended System (refer to Minimum requirements above for unlisted items):

CPU: Pentium4 2.0GHz equivalent or greater

RAM: 256MB or greater

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce(TM) series or ATi RADEON(TM) series

with newest graphics driver

Controls: Analog Joypad with vibration function

## [b]Снимки от играта



## Коментар : Sonic Heroes is fresh. It not only looks meaner and cleaner, crisper and shinier, but it moves faster, too, and it seems to be set in or around many of the colorful green, looping environments that layered the backgrounds in Sonic's classic Sega Genesis titles. Long-time fans of the series will no doubt feel some sense of nostalgia as they zip around these unpredictable 3D courses.

And yet, the gameplay dynamic has considerably changed. Yes, speed is still the biggest player, and it's when Sonic is zipping around the locales with a sound barrier-breaking ferocity that the game is most engaging and entertaining, but Sega has also injected a degree of strategy into the formula -- one that wasn't present in the Dreamcast titles. Of course, we're referring to the introduction of teams. In Heroes, players don't control one character, but three, and each contributes individual strengths that help defeat enemies and obstacles throughout the game.

Players can choose from four different groups including Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Chaotix and Team Rose. Team Sonic features everyone's favorite hedgehog, whose main abilities lie in speed, along with Tails, who can fly in short bursts and Knuckles, a mean echidna who isn't afraid to use his fists to crash open crates and destroy stone barriers. Team Dark features Shadow, an alternate (darker) version of Sonic, along with the destructive robot E-123 Omega and Rouge the Bat, whose wings help him soar. Next is Team Chaotix, which includes Espio the Chameleon, who can temporarily blend into environments and avoid enemies, Vector the Crocodile's sharp bite and Charmy Bee's flying prowess. Team Rose encapsulates Amy Rose, who zips along with her Piko Hammer, the powerful Big the Cat and Cream the Rabbit, who uses her ears to fly.


NFOВиж NFO (0.97 kB)
ТипИгри/PC ISO
Жанр3D Екшън, Забавни
Последен сийдърПоследно активен 6:31
Размер1.15 GB (1,236,499,101 байта)
Рейтинг<table class=bottom cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><tr><td class=embedded> (4.4 от възможни 5 с 101 глас(а) общо) </TD>
<td class=embedded> </TD>
<td class=embedded>(Вие гласувахте за този торент с "5 - ЖЕСТОКО!")</TD></TR></TABLE>
Добавено2006-10-11 19:47:10
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Len Tao

Брой мнения : 47
Age : 24
Location : Shaman Tournament
Registration date : 23.11.2007

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Sonic Heroes   Вто Ное 27, 2007 1:24 am

Поправи си го тоест сложи линк за теглене.Шот тва е от замундника Wink
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Sonic Heroes
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